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Creating Balanced Action: Yang Meets Yin Yoga

Join Brandy Berlin, E-RYT500, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and Co-owner of Namaspa Yoga Community, for a day-long Yoga Immersion and Open House where we will explore the yang and yin energies that underlie the TRUE U and empower you with the tools to bring balance and ease into your busy life.

Patterns define our lives and all patterns are formed by contrast. Up, down; near, far; hot, cold, loud, soft. Yang and yin describe the two facets of our existence and comprise everything in our world. Like the symbol, yang and yin are distinct, but not separate. Yang contains yin and yin contains yang. Each transforms into and controls the other in its own way, and when conditions arise where these contrasting aspects are in balanced action, health and harmony is created that allows you to live as the TRUE U! These practices, workshops and the Open House are an introduction to Namaspa Yoga Community’s TRUE U 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

Pure Yoga, Richland, WA //  Saturday, March 10th // 9:30a-6:00p