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Bandhas to Breakthroughs: Arm Balances MASTERCLASS with Suzie Newcome & Brandy Berlin

Masterclasses are one of the most effective and exciting ways to enhance and up-level your yoga practice. Namaspa Master Teachers will lead a powerful All Levels Flow class coupled with expert instruction in the highlighted poses, breaking them down into components so you can more deeply explore both your personal practice and 'master' poses you may not had the chance to experiment with during a normal class. Bring your curiosity and questions, and we will work and play together in a safe and supported way.

Ever scratched your head over how that yogi beside you gets into and holds those arm balances? Together we will learn to utilize the energy centers in our hands, feet and core to have you soaring into poses such as crow, side crow, forearm balance, eight-limb pose and more.

BEND STUDIO // $25 day of/ $20 early bird