COACHING & mentoring

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
— Gospel of Thomas

Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

Are you stressed and find yourself rushing around and missing the good stuff right in front of you? Are you looking to bring more peace and presence into your life, your family or workplace? Using a mindfulness-based approach, we will explore a combination of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, as a way to empower yourself and those around you by really paying attention to what is happening in your life and the people in it.  As you experientially learn to care for yourself, these simple practices and techniques will allow you to cultivate more clarity and insight and give you tools to respond to stress with more patience and ease. These methods can be integrated into family or workplace routines, so you can share what you have experienced in a seamless and non-judgmental way.  

$85/hr or 4 one-hour sessions for $300.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to take their teaching and leadership to the next level? Do you want straight and generous feedback on your teaching that moves you forward in your evolution as a leader? Or perhaps you have taken a yoga teacher training in the past, but lack experience and confidence and would like to sharpen your skills and actually teach. Wherever you are in your journey, we can create a customized plan together to support and guide you toward your goals.  You are ready NOW!   

$85/hr or 4 one-hour sessions for $300.

'Whole-Hearted Master of Rowdy Bliss' Coaching & Mentoring

I invite you to explore.  I implore you to put flesh on the bones of your destiny as the realization of your soul’s sacred secret mission. This journey begins on a raucous road passing straight through your bloody, blessedly-beautiful heart.  

Step 1: Engage in holy heart listening.

Step 2: Seek your souls communique.

Step 3: Harken the signals of your sensual body.

Step 4: Monitor your musings.

Step 5: Experience your emotions.

Being a Whole-Hearted Mastery of Rowdy Bliss means snuggling up to the areas of your life where you feel stressed, sticky or icky. Your emotional bellyaches are lurid love notes that you, or rather your personality, is not in service to your soul’s purpose, and if left unattended, will show up in your body as a mutinous colony of cheeky, noxious sea monkeys.

I believe in the power of Heart Alchemy, the ability to transform cow pies to compost including and especially the most steamy, smelly turds on your silver platter. By wholly (holy) heart listening and compassionately cleaning up your emotional backtalk, you can establish a new inner baseline thereby replacing soul-sucking emotional undercurrents with more ingeniously elevating attitudes and perceptions.

Sometimes we just need someone to listen, really listen, and reflect back to us what we already intuitively know to be true. Other times we need someone to help us see a situation from a fresh perspective.  I will hold that space for you.

I offer one-on-one spiritual and life coaching In person, via Skype or over the phone.  Let know how I can support you.  It's a wild ride, so grab your helmet and get ready to sink your teeth into the life you were meant to live!

$85/hr or 4 one-hour sessions for $300.

 More like 'Embrace Radical Acceptance', but I couldn't resist...  :)

More like 'Embrace Radical Acceptance', but I couldn't resist...  :)