It's all about the dressing.

For years I've searched for the consummate off-the-shelf salad dressing.  Some of them would taste pretty good, but what is up with all that guar and xanthum gum shit? That stuff wrecks my digestive system. At one point a friend counted 14 bottles in the door of my frig. Dang biscuits! As a general rule, no one should have more bottles of dressing in the frig than bottles of Crater Lake vodka in the freezer.  Then, I got a Vitamix. That pulverizing puppy is my huckleberry, and I love her so.  I started experimenting. What flavors do I like? Put it in the Vitamix.  What is growing in my garden/weed patch? Put it in the Vitamix.  What essential oils are whispering sweet sumthins' to me?  Put it in the Vitamix. I'm happy to say I'm currently ravenously in love with one recipe, and I'm pretty much monogamous. I put it on everything from my wet salads (recipe to come) to egg jib (recipe to come) to pepper boats (wait for it...) to fresh veggie dip. So, here ya go my fab, flourishing friends:

Lemon Maple Mustard Super Duper Dressing

Measures are approximate.  Place in a blender or food processor. Mix and amend to taste and even add some water if you want a thinner consistency or to mellow the profile. Store in airtight container like a mason jar.  Keeps in the frig up to month, I think, but I don't really know cuz I eat up.  

2ish c. olive oil  //  1/2ish c. fresh lemon juice ( I juice a bunch of lemons and keep it in a mason jar in frig.)  //  3 large pours of maple syrup  //   2 heaping T. dijon mustard  //  1 t. salt  // 1/2 t. pepper  //  1 t. garlic something to taste (fresh, minced in jar)  // 1+ t. onion something to taste  //  Options (use as many or as few as ya wish): 1-2 drops Doterra rosemary, cilantro, basil, oregano, big handful of fresh mint leaves, cat hairs, unconditional love and gratitude


Brandy Berlin