We empower ourselves by empowering others.

Kari Sieler

Brandy's style of engagement with her students and fellow yogis is unique only to Brandy. Her love for human connection and real-ness is what makes her workshops, YTT classes and just general conversation interesting, relevant and often-times MIND BENDING.  She asks great questions, engages with the people around her and cheers OUT-LOUD when people move past the walls and boundaries they've created for themselves and grow.  I loved my YTT with Brandy and recently took a workshop with her on SEEING YOUR STUDENTS and it was very valuable and relevant to my teaching RIGHT NOW. www.KariSieler.com

Amber Chenault

Brandy has been an incredible mentor and friend since I started teaching and even prior to that.  Just to be practicing in her class is to be in mentorship simply through listening to her teaching and insights, which she always humbly explains is Source speaking through her.  Brandy is a gifted, empowering teacher and fun AF!  She celebrates in the successes of her students and anyone else who is lucky enough to cross her path.

Mikayla M.

(A note from a high school student) Thank you for helping me to see the world in ways I never thought I could.  I can't tell you how many times my brain hurt in your class.  It was one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken. I learned how to question everything, be free and powerful. You have taught me that it is okay to be weird and crazy. Who cares what everyone else thinks, right? Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and making me understand that the world does not have to make sense.  

Namaspa Yoga School's 200HR YTT is relevant and applicable to becoming a yoga teacher, and also to becoming a more dynamic human being. Baptiste Power Yoga offers a new insight and approach to life that is inspiring and life-changing. Brandy has a unique way of delivering material that leads participants to juicy inquiry and holy shit discoveries. Grab your surf board and enjoy the ride! 

Liz Skarvelis

Leslie Koellermeier

From the moment I met Brandy she has encouraged, motivated and directed me to the reason I go to the mat! Brandy helps me to see inside myself without even knowing it and brings peace and love to everything. Brandy guides and motivates me both in my instructor training and my everyday life. 

I am currently participating in Namaspa's "TRUE U YTT" in Bend, Oregon with Brandy Berlin. Brandy continues to amaze me with her depth of knowledge, raw passion, giant heart, and instinctive ability to connect and push me to my edge in an exhilarating way.  If you want to have great fun, commit to growth, and develop a deeper yoga practice .... Brandy is a great mentor and teacher! 

Amy Slagle

Brandy is a beautiful, honest, tenacious force of a human. She listens whole-heartedly, shares from the center of her being, and evokes the best out of everyone she interacts with. I feel blessed to have had her lead my yoga teacher training. If you're considering whether or not to be a yes for yoga teacher training, just do it, be a yes. She'll challenge you, and then wrap you up in love, and it'll be the most incredibly rewarding gift you could give yourself!

Amanda Bird

Brandy is an amazing teacher and an amazing human. I am at the end of my YTT adventure with her and Namaspa and I must say, it has been one of the most challenging, heart opening, soul searching, strength building (physically , spiritually and emotionally) things I have ever done in my life. Brandy has background as a school teacher and you can really see it in the teaching process she brings to yoga teacher training. With a twist! Not only does she ACTIVELY teach in the moment to create immediate SUCCESS for the student, she also has laughed with me, cried with me, and given me many hugs and sweet smiles. Between Brandy and Suzie, I could not think of a better support system for really learning about yoga and myself. They have offered me hands on, really impactful learning while still allowing space to carve my own path. I can honestly say I will walk away from this training feeling READY. NOW. With a better sense of who I am, the layers I have shed, and that I want to always keep growing. The coolest part is that I know I can always reach out to them for support in continuing on this path of teaching yoga and even just to say “hey there, I love ya.”  If you have a chance to be taught by this woman, I say go do the thing. I now refer to Brandy as my spirit animal. If you decide the same it’s okay, I like sharing.

Corrie Coffey

Patty Walker

I signed up for Namaspa’s True U YTT in the fall of 2016, and graduated in February 2017. I thought it would be a way for me to get deeper into my practice, and possibly learn some skills in the art of yoga teaching. While those two things did occur, the training ended up being so much more to my life. I have learned (and still am!) valuable communication skills that have helped me in my personal and work relationships. I have a different skill set to deal with stress in my life. I have learned to tap into my own emotional triggers, and how to not let those become a yoke by which I live. I now teach yoga, and I love it. It’s become a passion of mine, to share this wonderful practice with everyone I meet. I am blessed to have wonderful leadership here in Bend, OR. Through our studio founder, Suzie Newcome and Brandy Berlin, I was able to walk this journey. Brandy’s warmth and sense of humor continues to remind me to not take myself so seriously, and that passion can come in many forms. Brandy’s energetic and playful personality draws you in. She is a great leader and mentor at thinking outside of the box, to something bigger than yourself.

My True U YTT experience through Namaspa has taught me to be up to something bigger than myself. To make the higher call at each moment and listen to my body and my soul. This training has allowed me to understand my resistances, my lies, and has shown me that my power has been with me all along, I just had to wake up to it. I could write an essay on all of the ways Brandy has influenced me as a co-facilitator of this program and as a friend. And though, that is entirely unnecessary because anyone who has the privilege of getting to know Brandy can see what a radiant being she is. Brandy’s willingness to be real and show up as herself created a safe space for me throughout the training to express my most authentic self and she has empowered me to do that for others through yoga! To me, Brandy fully embodies what it means to be a Baptiste Yoga Teacher, in that she honors, empowers, and embraces the uniqueness of each student that comes to learn from her. To anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher I will say BE A YES! Take on the challenge, be willing to do the work, keep an open mind and an open heart, they don't call it Journey into Power for nothin. 

Lexi Rhodes